Welcome to the Women’s High-Tech Coalition

We are so pleased you have joined us.

A founding principle of the Women’s High-Tech Coalition (WHTC) is to further the interaction of the high-tech industry and policy developers in Washington. The benefits to both sides, the technology industry from understanding how Washington’s process works in crafting policy, as well as the opportunity for the industry to have input into that policy, are significant.

WHTC is proud to be in a position to support such mutual understanding leading to stronger and less costly public policy. We are grateful for the support of our sponsors in financing our programs. We are also grateful to the Members of Congress, especially our Honorary Congressional Co-Chairs, who lend their time and energy to the WHTC’s educational programs.  Finally, we thank our membership for participating in our programs.

A Unique Forum for Women Executives

The Women’s High-Tech Coalition is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), non-partisan organization that promotes the exchange of ideas among leaders in the public and private sectors whose focus is technology, innovation and the development of public policy related to technology.

The WHTC hosts periodic meetings, lunches and receptions in Washington, DC, as well as additional events in Silicon Valley and around the country, for policymakers and leaders from the private sector to network and exchange ideas. All of these events bring together members of Congress and/or the Executive Branch along with staff and high level executives from the tech industry. These events provide a unique forum, allowing the private sector to interact with policy decision makers.

The WHTC was founded in November of 2000 with a mission to provide resources and opportunities for professional women in the technology industry to interact with policymakers on issues of mutual interest and to empower them to thrive, achieve and make a difference in this evolving and dynamic industry.

By providing an atmosphere that generates sincere discussions and access to leaders in the private and public sectors, the WHTC presents women leaders the opportunity to foster political change.  Our group strives to further the role of women in the corporate structure and provide the resources for the substantive exchange of expertise on the issues facing every country today. It is through the networking possibilities presented by WHTC that women can learn from one another and hopefully attain and achieve the same level of knowledge that is often available to their colleagues with more extensive networks.

A Bridge Between the Public and Private Sectors

Throughout the year, the Women’s High-Tech Coalition sponsors various events bringing together industry leaders and policymakers, from both the Congress and the Executive Branch, in settings that allow for the exchange of ideas related to the world of high tech. The topics vary depending on the current issues of the day, but recent discussions have included immigration reform, health IT, and cybersecurity.

The WHTC provides a unique setting that leaves behind partisan bickering, while engaging in thoughtful and intellectual discussions about how to advance the interests of technology at the federal level. Each event has its own location and setting, but most take place in and around the Capitol Hill area, along with a small number of events hosted by members in California or other states.

The WHTC is always welcoming new members, so whether you are involved in the policy making process, have a career in the field of technology, or just have an interest, please sign up to be included in our next event.